Whether your needs require a HEAVY PAYLOAD or LARGE SAIL or require a LIGHTWEIGHT TOWER where total weight is a critical issue, the right product is just a simple phone call away.  AllTech is the only manufacturer of both Steel and Aluminum Towers.  Regardless of your telescopic tower needs, AllTech has the right tower for your project.  AllTech has been manufacturing Steel Lattice Telescoping Towers since the 1990’s and now, with The new AXIOM line of telescopic Aluminum Tower, can provide high payload towers at a fraction of the total weight.  In those circumstances where total weight is critical but you still need a strong rigid tower, the AXIOM line of aluminum towers is the perfect fit.

AllTech Axiom Aluminum Tower

The Axiom Line of mobile aluminum tower trailer is the strongest aluminum telescoping tower on the market today. These aluminum towers utilize a patented interlocking system which interlocks extruded aluminum tower sections that strengthens and minimizes play in the aluminum tower.

AllTech Steel Telescopic Tower

AllTech’s line of steel telescoping towers provide the maximum strength in a telescoping tower. When high wind speed or payload sail or weight is critical, the AllTech line of steel telescoping towers is the best choice.

Visit our Products and  Industry pages for a quick look at some of our projects and then call us to discuss your precise requirements.  Regardless of your limitations and requirements, we have a tower that will fit your need.