About AllTech

  • AllTech is proud to have our corporate offices in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  As a pioneer in the mobile tower industry, With its customer concentric focus, AllTech saw a need for mobile towers and worked with wireless carriers to develop mobile tower systems and cell on wheels to meet the demand during the initial wireless build out.  AllTech revolutionized the industry with its unique guy system enabling users to quickly and easily set up a tower without having to set cumbersome and difficult ground anchors.  Today, AllTech continues to be an industry leader developing new and innovative solutions.
  • At AllTech, we manufacture a wide range of products that include mobile tower trailers, telescopic towers capable of telescoping tower sections manually, electrically and pneumatically, cell on wheels, mobile light tower trailers, lightweight ground and rooftop shelters, skids, platforms, command centers, and platforms.  Our products are used for a variety of functions including wireless voice and data communication, mobile lighting, mobile security cameras and surveillance, wind turbines, meteorological data gathering and all types of product testing.  AllTech products are perfect for individual, commercial, military, and government applications and can be powered by hand, generator, shore power, and solar power.
  • Utilizing our design team, AllTech can meet specific existing requirements or work with client engineers to design a unique system that solves your company’s specific needs.  Because of our customer concentric approach, high manufacturing standards and quality control, every time you purchase any of our products, you will receive a safe and reliable product ready to rapidly deploy in a moment’s notice.
  • Centrally located, our manufacturing facilities can provide easy transportation to your location or local port for domestic or international shipping.  As the leader in manufacturing mobile towers and communication systems, AllTech continues to develop next generation mobile tower systems that revolutionize the industry and we invite you to visit our product pages to view these systems.
  • AllTech adheres to Electronic Industry Association Structural Standards and codes for Steel and Antenna Tower and Antenna Supporting Structures.  In addition, to help us provide quality products and excellent customer satisfaction, we follow ISO Quality Management standards in our shop and office.  Explicit attention to detail and thorough quality checks and testing help insure that each product is ready for immediately deployment by the customer.
  • Our diverse and impressive customer base includes a vast number of worldwide commercial carriers, oil and gas exploration companies, U.S. and foreign military services, government agencies down to local companies and individuals.  AllTech’s dynamic role in our ever changing industries continues to expand with an increasing collection of products and services designed to solve the needs of our global customers.