It is important to have a proper maintenance program for your mobile towers to ensure that they are ready to be rapidly deployed on a moment’s notice.

In order to maintain proper and safe operating conditions, it is recommended that qualified personnel inspect the tower at least two times per year. AllTech offers a complete program and recommends this program to properly maintain your tower trailer. Heavy antenna loads and strong winds coupled with rain, snow or ice will require an inspection every month. Thorough inspection immediately after every storm is always necessary.

Between detailed inspections, you should perform a walk around looking for loose or missing hardware or items such as rust, worn cables, or structural damage. A detailed maintenance program can catch problems before they become serious. Always be sure that the tower is fully retracted before attempting any maintenance procedures

Under AllTech’s maintenance program, your equipment will undergo a thorough inspection from top to bottom and a detailed report will be provided to you showing any recommended maintenance.

Even if your unit is not part of our maintenance program, should you have a problem with a telescoping tower or trailer, even if it is not an AllTech unit, we can inspect and repair the unit so that it is ready to be deployed when it is needed.

Contact us for a copy of our recommended maintenance schedule