The Energy Industry is significant in many parts of the world. AllTech Light Trailer, Cell on Wheels, Surveillance and other mobile tower trailer units can be found operating in virtually all energy industries providing integral operational support

The Energy Industry, historically comprised of petroleum, natural gas and coal, is one of the world’s largest industries and touches our lives in countless, often unforeseen, ways.  The importance of exploration, development and transportation of these precious minerals is critical to our lives and world economies and AllTech provides solutions such as our mobile light trailer in various areas.

In recent years, Wind Energy has become an important source and continues to grow a rapid pace globally.  Industry experts predict that if wind energy sustain its present growth rate, by 2050, it will be the answer to one-third of the world’s global energy needs.

AllTech provides solutions for supporting and testing wind turbines.  These solutions provide excellent alternatives to large permanent poles for erecting wind turbines.  AllTech can also provide a mobile platform to deploy wind turbines that can be periodically adjusted and moved to maximize energy production.

Alltech also manufactures solar and renewable energy trailers capable of powering remote equipment of varying size including our high power noble light trailer..