The Alltech Communications product-lines are conceived by the task they are required to perform. Whether a Cell on Wheels, Cell on Light Truck or mobile tower trailer, all with telescopic towers, our design team works with our customers to develop the best products at the most economical pricing to insure we stay on budget and task. The first step to determine what works best for your deployment is to contact Alltech Communications and discuss your needs.

AllTech Cell on Wheels (COWs) , Cell on Light Truck (COLT) and Command Centers come in all different shapes and sizes.  Each can be powered remotely with shore power or a variety of alternative energy sources including Generator (gasoline, diesel, natural gas or propane), Solar, and various renewable energy sources.

AllTech Communications has years of experience in the design and manufacture of complete cell on wheel units. AllTech will work with you to design and build a unit which precisely fits your requirements. From a simple trailer mounted unit (cell on wheels) to a truck mounted unit (cell on light truck) or even a semi-trailer unit, AllTech manufactures a variety of styles of cell  on wheels mobile tower trailer systems with telescoping tower sections which allows us to build you a solution that matches your unique and precise needs. For more information on our cell on wheels and other products, please contract us.

These cell on wheels can be easily transported and rapidly deployed for short term such as to temporarily increase capacity or for long term such as major site enhancements.


In addition to our Cell on Wheels, Mobile has solutions for complete Mobile Command Centers.

The ATC Trailer type Command Centers can be pulled with a 3/4 Ton or 1 Ton pick-up which is readily available to most first responders.  These unit have less maintenance and requirements than a Class A Command Center or an over the road Bus.

First Responder Command Center