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AllTech Communications

Global Leader in Mobile Tower Solutions

Having been in the business longer than almost all of our competitors, AllTech Communications is an acknowledged global leader in mobile solutions including mobile tower trailers, telescoping towers, portable towers, Cell on Light Trucks, Cell on Wheels, mobile and portable light trailers, shelters, cabinets, and more. As a result of our innovativeness, attention to detail and customer service which is second to none, AllTech Communication has manufactured mobile tower trailer solutions longer than most of our competitors and continues to lead with innovative products for a number of industries including Commercial Applications, Cellular and Wireless Carriers, Military, First Responders, Governments, Entertainment, Construction, Lighting, and Oil & Gas to name a few.  In addition to manufacturing portable tower systems up to 150’ for data, voice, lighting, surveillance and wind energy, along with a number of support products, AllTech also offers innovative fleet management services for your owned equipment.  AllTech also offers a Leasing and Rental Program should you wish to take advantage of Leasing benefits or only need a unit for a limited period.

Unlike other tower trailers, since 1998, AllTech’s mobile tower trailer systems offer the unique option of utilizing our internally designed guy system designed to guy the mobile tower to the outriggers. With this system the footprint necessary to deploy the cell on wheels unit is minimal at only 30 feet by 35 feet, smaller than any other portable tower on the market. This gives more flexibility to the user and allows the mobile tower trailer to be used in a broader range of applications, such as urban deployment on pavement.

AllTech mobile tower trailers are the safest of any units on the market.  Our standard units are designed to a generous factor of safety with redundant aircraft strength lifting cables, a tower lockout system to further prevent a collapse in the remote chance the main lifting cable or motor should fail, and trailer designs that can be towed by a range of tow vehicles with a variety of total weight capacity.

If you already own or operate a mobile tower trailer, AllTech can assist you with the maintenance and management of all types and brands of mobile towers so that you can be sure they are ready for immediate deployment when the need arises.

As part of our mission, we strive daily to make certain that the innovativeness and value to our customers is the benchmark for our industry, and the quality of our products is the envy of our competition.

Mobile tower trailer systems built by AllTech Communications are the perfect fit for any tower or mast need up to 150 feet.


As the inventor of our Self Guying Mobile Tower Trailer, AllTech is the only company that offers this excellent versatile solution eliminating the need for ground anchors

Unlike the competition, AllTech manufactures all components of our mobile tower trailer systems in our facility including the tower, base and trailer assuring strength, quality, functionality and safety

AllTech has been building mobile tower trailer systems longer than virtually anyone else

AllTech is ... Customer Concentric, Value Focused & Quality Driven

Rapid Deployment

With our unique self guying system, our units can be rapidly and easily deployed in urban and rural settings without the need to set and retrieve difficult ground anchors.

Quality Without Compromise

AllTech’s products and service are the benchmark to the Industry and envey of our competitors. We are extremely proud of this and work hard to maintain our customer’s trust and continuously improve the methods we employ to ensure excellence across the board

Easy Leasing

We offer short and long term leasing options along with options to purchase.


Our sales and design teams can work with you to provide unique custom solutions to your needs.

Green Power

We can provide environmentally friendly alternative energy sources for your equipment.

Illustrative Solutions

Our tower trailers can be customized for use up to 150 feet and staggering wind speeds making them highly versatile and reliable.  We custom manufacture all of our mobile towers in addition to our Cell on Wheels, Cell on Light Trucks, and a variety of equipment enclosures, cabinets and shelters.

Our newly designed mobile light trailers are energy efficient capable of running on generator or solar power and can be used to light up a small work area to a vast construction or sporting site with units capable of lifting over 27,000 watts of illumination over 70’ into the air.

Due to increased need for security, AllTech has designed surveillance systems capable of being deployed remotely or in urban environments. Once deployed these remote surveillance systems can stay on point for hours, days or months without any servicing.

We specializes in manufacturing highly functional, easy to install platforms and skids for any size or need. We work with you to design and build a unique solution according to your requirements.

What Makes AllTech So Unique?

See the video below and those in our News section to see why AllTech is the leader in mobile tower trailer solutions.

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In fact we are so confident that we have the best product, value and service that we back our products with our  “Quality Guarantee”