AllTech manufactures a variety of customizable Mobile Light Towers that provide the right amount of illumination for any requirement.

Our mobile light tower systems are easy to deploy in any setting where off grid lighting is required. Making them indispensable in sports arenas, large events and gathering. construction projects or other areas where night time lighting is required.  Power options can include generator or solar with battery back up providing many hours of continuous economical operation.  These attributes make them perfect for filming locations, emergency areas, construction sites, parking lots, highways, drilling and mining operations, community events, airports, mountains, and sporting events and arenas.

Once you arrive and deploy your Alltech Mobile Light Tower Trailer the minimum height is 33 feet and the maximum height is 72 feet. Once on site, the AllTech Mobile Light Tower systems can deploy at any height up to 72 feet quickly and safely.

72’ ATC Light Tower Trailer

The lights on the Alltech  lattice style Mobile Light Tower System can make night time look like day. Each of these units puts out 180,000 Lumens. When you deploy all four light systems on a field you will have 720,000 total lumens. Because of the engineering you will have minimal light pollution.

30’ ATC Solar – Battery – Generator System

This mobile light tower is lightweight and easy to deploy in moments. This air transportable unit can be at any location, set up and providing day light for security or just the ability to continue working on assets and more.

ATC Small Mobile Light Tower Trailer

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