AllTech custom designs, manufactures any equipment shelter ranging from simple cabinets to complex command centers. These units can be built with or without a telescoping tower and can be used either in rooftop or ground applications where space is limited.
Our equipment shelter can be built with standard doors or unique roll-up hurricane doors. These hurricane doors ensure that your important equipment is kept safe, cool, and operating. Furthermore, the hurricane doors provide a great advantage by granting easy access to technicians working in limited space.

  • Any Voltage (110-220 50/60 Hz)

  • Standard Water Proof or Severe Weather Doors

  • Without Telescopic Tower

  • With Telescopic Tower

  • Simple Equipment Shelters

  • Complex Command Centers

  • Redundant HVAC

  • Ground, Trailer or Rooftop Applications

Elevated Platform with Equipment Shelter

Every custom product produced by Alltech is designed for our clients with our Design and Engineering department.

The Particular unit in the picture is in a flood plain and is over 4’ above the surface of the ground.  Equipment shelter sizes vary and  are dictated by the amount of equipment space our clients require.

Adjustable Platform

This platform is designed to hold a large shelter or one or more equipment shelter.   This platform can be placed on the ground or on a roof top. The reason this product can be leveled is there is no guarantee that the ground or a roof top will be level.

Roof Top Tower on a skid

The roof top telescoping tower on a skid is not unusual in the telecommunications industry. Many building owners and building leasing companies prefer this telescopic system over a permanent tower because they are easy to install, bring down and remove if required.

Roof Top Equipment Shelter

An Alltech Communications equipment shelter can be designed togo on roofs tops, trailers, skids, platforms and slabs. Tell us what you need and we will design it and give you a quote that feels good on your budget