AllTech Communications’ mobile telescopic tower trailer systems are the most versatile systems built and are the standard by which all other mobile tower trailers should be measured.

  • AllTech’s Guying System are the only mobile towers that can be deployed in any of the following manners:

    • Self Supporting
    • Self Guying – No Ground Anchors Required
    • Guyed to the ground

  • AllTech manufactures, sells, and leases its revolutionary mobile tower trailer systems for any use or need:

    • Site Testing
    • Interim site
    • Emergency / Disaster Recovery
    • Temporary Communications
    • Emergency Communications
    • Mobile Command Center
    • Increasing Site Capacity
    • Permanent Site
    • Surveillance
    • Security
    • Other Unique Applications

No Ground Anchors Required

AllTech is the only supplier of self supporting and self guying mobile towers.  The revolutionary ATC Series Mobile Telescopic Tower Trailer utilizes a unique system to guy to the outriggers on the trailer itself, which means that crews deploying this Cell on Wheels (COW) no longer need to set anchors in the ground or retrieve the anchors after the deployment. In addition, the footprint necessary to deploy the unit is minimal at only 30 feet by 35 feet, which gives more flexibility to the user and allows for any application, including urban deployment on pavement.

Large Open Deck

The unique design provides generous deck space large enough for most equipment.

Customized to fit any requirement

With any of AllTech’s products, we can customize the telescoping tower to adjust to any height between 29 feet and 150 feet and from zero to 125 mph wind speed, thus creating maximum versatility. Regardless of height, all of AllTech’s telescopic towers require minimal time to deploy which allows a rapid response time.


AllTech’s telescoping tower has many features, including redundant aircraft-strength lifting cables, that qualify it as the safest product of their type on the market. These safety features are built into all AllTech Communications products and are designed to keep customer projects safe and on schedule. All mobile telescopic tower trailers come with electric brakes and satisfy all Department of Transportation requirements. AllTech manufactures all towers to conform to current TIA/EIA-222 specifications. Specific analysis and certifications for your application can be provided by a Certified Engineer.