Protect your site and assets 24-7 with AllTech’s portable tower for mobile surveillance. Our MST portable tower trailer units are quick and easy to move and deploy yet durable enough for any location.

Whether you simply need a one camera with on-board recording or and network of long range high definition PTZ cameras,  we can work with you to provide the optimum telescoping tower system for your needs at the best price.

ATC 85’ Camera and Weather Station Unit

The ATC 85’ Camera, Weather Station and Comm unit has remote capabilities anywhere in the world. This portable tower is equipped with a 360 Pan, Tilt and Zoom camera that is being controlled from the systems control office 30 miles away. This camera also has motion detection capabilities and when activated will focus on the disturbance and the camera will continue to record in a 360 field of vision until the disturbance is removed.

Mini Cow is perfect for quick response communication and surveillance situations.

The “Mini-Cow”  which was designed as a small self sufficient cell on wheels with a mobile telescoping tower trailer that could be easily pulled through a parking garage, is perfect for quick response communication and surveillance situations and allows you to minimize deployment time and costs when working in an urban setting.

ATC 60’ Surveillance system

Surveillance is so important now that we find more and more the disturbing actions of others that we face every day. The Alltech surveillance systems can be deployed remotely or in urban environments. Once deployed, these portable towers with cameras can stay on point for hours, days or months without any servicing. Once the threat is over the ATC Surveillance systems can be moved to a new location.