Protect your site 24-7 with an AllTech’s Telescopic Mobile Surveillance Camera on telescoping towers.  Our MST units are quick and easy to move and deploy yet durable enough for any location.  Whether you simply need  one  camera with on-board recording or a network of long range high definition PTZ cameras,  we can work with you to provide the optimum telescopic mobile surveillance camera and tower for your needs at the best price.

Alltech Communications Command centers come in all different shapes and sizes. The common thread through all of them is their versatile ability to be powered remotely or by shore power. The ATC command centers can house one person up to several team members.  The command centers can inlcude remote access cameras on the tower or be used in conjunction with a remote telescopic mobile surveillance camera for further security or surveillance.

Surveillance is so important now that we find more and more the disturbing actions of others that we face every day. An Alltech mobile surveillance tower can be deployed remotely or in urban environments. Once deployed they can stay on point for hours, days or months without any servicing. Once the threat is over the ATC telescopic mobile security system can be easily and quickly moved to a new location

AllTech Communications is proud to serve the needs of our Law Enforcement Officers, Firemen, Homeland Security and other First Responders. Regardless of the need or disaster, our First Responders do not hesitate and neither can the equipment they use. This is why they trust AllTech to provide state of the art command centers and mobile telescopic mobile surveillance cameras and tower trailer systems that deploy in a moment’s notice. The mobile communication trailers, data trailers, command centers, surveillance towers and mobile telescopic light towers all are instrumental in assisting all of our First Responders in the completion of their important tasks at hand.