AllTech’s self guying mobile tower trailer systems utilize a unique guying system developed by AllTech which eliminates the need for crews deploying this Cell on Wheels (COW) to set those troublesome anchors into the ground or retrieve the anchors after the deployment. In addition, the footprint necessary to deploy the unit is minimal at only 30 feet by 35 feet, which gives more flexibility to the user and allows for any application, including urban deployment on pavement. Our unique design provides generous deck space large enough for most equipment.  All this makes the AllTech self guying tower units more efficient, less costly and easier to deploy.

While some of our competition claim that their units are self guying or do not require ground anchors, AllTech is the only company manufacturing such a product, and our units are the standard by which all other cell on wheels and mobile tower trailer systems should be measured

AllTech manufactures, sells, and leases its revolutionary self guying mobile tower trailer systems for any use or need:

• Site Testing                                                         • Interim site
• Emergency / Disaster Recovery                      • Temporary Communications
• Emergency Communications                          • Mobile Command Center
• Increasing Site Capacity                                   • Permanent Site
• Surveillance                                                        • Security
• Other Unique Applications

AllTech Communication’s products include:

  • Telescoping Steel Tower  to any height up to 150’
  •  Lightweight Telescoping Aluminum Tower to any height up to 100’
  • Cell on Wheels (CoWs),
  • Cell on Light Trucks (CoLTs),
  • Mobile Surveillance Towers
  • Mobile Light Towers,
  • Command Centers,
  • Enclosures and various hardware for custom use in the field

Our clients demand the highest quality and innovative products each and every time to ensure the product is ready to deploy in a moment’s notice.

With any AllTech’s product, we can customize the telescoping tower to adjust to any height between 29 feet and 150 feet and from zero to 125 mph wind speed, thus creating maximum versatility. Regardless of height, all of AllTech’s portable towers require minimal time to deploy which allows a rapid response time.  Most can be deployed in less than 30 minutes.

View examples of some of our solutions below and then call us at 918-576-000 to discuss your needs in more detail with a member of our team.