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AllTech Communications
Global Leader in Mobile Solutions

AllTech Communications is an acknowledged global leader in mobile tower solutions. As a result of our innovativeness, attention to detail and customer service which is second to none, AllTech Communication has manufactured mobile solutions longer than most of our competitors and continues to lead with innovative products for a number of industries including Commercial Carriers, Military, First Responders, Governments, Construction, lighting, and Oil & Gas to name a few.  In addition to manufacturing portable tower systems up to 150’ for data, voice, lighting, surveillance and wind energy, along with a number of support products, AllTech also offers innovative fleet management services for your owned equipment.  AllTech also offers a Leasing and Rental Program should you wish to take advantage of Leasing benefits or only need a unit for a limited period.

As part of our mission, we strive daily to make certain that the innovativeness and value to our customers is the benchmark for our industry, and the quality of our products is the envy of our competition.

Mobile tower systems built by AllTech Communications are the perfect fit for any tower or mast need up to 150 feet..

Quick Deploy

Our units can be rapidly and easily deployed in urban and rural settings.


We work with you to provide unique custom solutions to your problems.

Green Power

We can provide alternative sources of power for your equipment.

Easy Leasing

We offer short and long term leasing options along with options to purchase.

Sample Solutions


Our tower trailers can be customized for  use of to 150 feet and up to ____ MPH wind speed making them highly reliable.  We custom manufacture Cell on Wheels, Cots and all forms of enclosures.


Our newly designed light trailers are energy efficient capable of running on generator or solar power and can be used to light up a small area to a large work site with units able to raise 27,000 watts of light 60’ into the air.


Due to increased need for security Alltech surveillance systems can be deployed remotely or in urban environments. Once deployed they can stay on point for hours, days or months without any servicing.

Other Solutions

We specializes in manufacturing highly functional, easy to install platforms and skids for any size or need. We work with you to design and build a unique solution according to your requirements.


Feel free to view some videos about us for a brief overview of who AllTech Communications is and what makes us unique.

If you are looking for best Quality Value Service

AllTech is the solution because we are the only company who can provide you with all three.
In fact we are so confident that we have the best product, value and service that we back our products with our  “Quality Guarantee”
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